Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Community Coming Together

Getting an organization started is a royal pain in the ass. Getting one started solely with volunteers takes that up a notch. I am currently in the middle of starting my 2nd nonprofit company aimed at bringing our community together. The first is of course, Rock For Hunger, which is going strong with weekly feedings for those less fortunate in Orlando, job trainings and Rock For Hunger Fest 3 coming in November.

The 2nd is called doterati.
My 2-3 months being involved with the group has been great. There are so many talented people, awesome companies and passionate creatives right here in our backyard. What makes it even better s bringing everyone together to make the org tick. In our board meetings we have representatives from small companies like Atlantic Dominion Solutions and One Step Solutions to innovative design firms like NFi Studios to large Interactive firms like Mindcomet and Social Media Innovators IZEA to one man shops to corporations like Darden to schools like Rasmussen to employment solutions to user groups and beyond.

We have come together to not just build another networking group, but a community that is really out to help each other, teach each other and grow together.

Christmas All Year Long
One of the biggest joys that I have is making people come together and create something that is bigger and on a more grand stage than by them self, alone. With both organizations, I feel that the whole is bigger than the pieces, but the pieces are vital to the whole. The best part is that the people involved all give their time to make these orgs tick. No money involved, at least on the personal level. Rather it is the personalities and the hearts that they can take with them.

Gotta love community.
To get involved with either Rock For Hunger or doterati, please shoot an email to Let's build this city together and see what we can accomplish!



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