Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No One Leaves Unaware

I do a lot of events. I'm talking lots. Concerts, conventions, launch parties, networking events, seminars and whatever else that keeps me from going home at night.

The biggest drawback is that most booths, vendors, performers are unprepared what what happens next. They forget about real engagement that lasts when the lights go on and the alcohol fades (or comes out, depends on your personal habits).

No one wants to be sold and no one wants crap just to get handed crap.
What we do want is something that will engage us, get us thinking and most importantly; get us talking!

How do we do that?

Get something in their hands

This works up at least 2 of the human senses and can really get their brain going. Touch and site. One good example is cell phones. Show them how they can use their cell phone to get your updates, product, discounts, alerts, whatever. My best example is having a band on stage, telling their fans to text their bands' name to their shortcode and everyone in the audience gets a text back with a link to download a free song. They don't start playing again until everyone does it. That is power in your hands.

Shock and awe

On the road with Rock For Hunger during the recent Warped Tour I am man enough to admit that the non-profit next to us had it going on. The Warped Eco Initiative had the kids going crazy to recycle, had everyone buzzing about the big bags with garbage in it and created memories for everyone that participated. When putting together your campaign, make it fun and make people go out and do something good that is shocking, creates a (small) scene and then rewards them.

Call to action

What do you want me to do? Your banner with your website and logo looks sweet, but what is the point? Telling me to sign-up, buy a CD, come out for a free consultation, etc is the key. If you only have a mailing list, make it fun, but make sure that people know what to do and why they are doing it. If you don't ask people won't do it.

I know almost all my readers go to live events. *What makes you remember the people, the companies, etc when you get home and the excitement goes away?* Please join in and make everyone's lives better when they go out!

-Greg Rollett


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