Monday, October 13, 2008

Create Chaos + BarCamp + doterati + Magical Insanity

This is going to be one hellacious week here in Orlando. But a fun one. Let's run it down.

The Minute Muse, aka the Storm Brewer, aka my good friend Katrina Priore has been working all year on the Creative Conference to end Creative Conferences, Create Chaos. It goes down this week, well its going down right now and runs till Friday at the Orlando World Center Marriott, out by Disney.

Some highlights include:
Lee Cockerell keynoting on Tuesday @ 9am
My presentation on Recruiting 2.0 on Tuesday @ 2:30
Anthony Richardson on "Have a Say in What's Being Said"
Blake Discher on "Is Your Website Making You Money?"

BarCamp Chaos Tonight (Monday!)
BarCamp is coming to Create Chaos 2008, a five-day creative industry destination event produced to inform, inspire, educate, and connect creative professionals across industries through an all-inclusive event. This ad-hoc session invites participants to control the programming by preparing a 20 minute talk on any creative topic and presenting it to other conference attendees. (from BarCamp Chaos Eventbrite site)

Behind the scenes at doterati has been crazy lately, getting the site ready, planning a few parties and ironing out leadership and site structure. When the dust settles, I think the Orlando community will be happy with what we have come up with. Not just online but in some kick ass presentations as well. On Wednesday night the doterati camp presents: "Juggling Creativity and Business," with a panel that features Ted Murphy, Sterling Raphael, Scott Allen and Chuck Southworth. It's free and well worth the cover charge!

Rock For Hunger
Last night I was a guest judge and makeshift host of the 1st iRock For Hunger Battle of the Bands. It was a great experience with the bands bringing in over 500 cans of food and helping to raise a very cool chunk of money! The winner of the battle was Black Ship Sky and they will get a chance to rock on the main stage November 15th with Kardinal Official, Kap Kallous and other greats. In a twist of fate, Chris hooked Johnny Plastic and the Rubberband up with a slot at the festival as well. I have a really cool video that I should be able to get up tonight or tomorrow so be on the lookout, it features everything from a crowd surfing blow up doll to outrageous interviews to kick ass generosity!

Creating Magic
Oh yea, Lee's book, Creating Magic drops tomorrow. It rose to the top of the Amazon charts and now we'll see if our hard work paid off! Go get a copy now, like right now and start learning what leadership skills from a life at Disney can teach you!

Whew! Its going to be a huge week and it already started with a bang!

(p.s. if you are going to be at any of this madness and want to link up, feel free to give me a call or a text 321.438.4442 or find me on the Twitter)


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