Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Endagon Innovations Loves Stuff

Over the past few months I have been tying to figure out how to handle Social Media clients, internal projects and music marketing and make it into one of those "legit" businesses. After those months of work we are officially a "legit" company, with real clients and projects, real employees, rent, overhead and even staples, paperclips and printers.

Oh, and we launched a shiny new site,

Overall we have received some great feedback and support, and even got some super referrals in our blast out of the site. While I have been working on many projects for a long time now, its great to have a home base, a brand and a team helping to increase efficiencies.

So about the site.
I highlighted a few things in a previous post, but I wanted to explain why we went with the angle that we did.

We created our brand around the fact that we love what we do. It is a bit overwhelming, but if you have read my blog, seen me talk or chatted with me on Twitter, you know that I live and breathe this stuff. I really do love community. I am a part of Rock For Hunger, doterati, started the Central Florida Community Guide, chat on Twitter, use Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn, help the local music scene, participate in BarCamps, setup and attend local TweetUps and everything in between. So yes dammit, I love community.

I love Google and so does EI. Not just because it is the overwhelming traffic driver on the web, but because they offer a great product that affects our business and the way we communicate. Our whole team utilizes GMail, Google Reader, GTalk, BlogSearch, Image Search and Regular Search. Our sites carry Google Analytics, blogs utilize Feedburner, some are built in Blogger and anyday now I am waiting to make the switch to Google Docs. So yes dammit, I love Google.

We love music. Being in the music industry for over 10 years now has put some weight into this one. We had to give back to the music community and now we can by assisting them with marketing, business strategy and setup, bank accounts and finance and so much more. So yes dammit, EI loves music.

I love the products we are building. I do not invest any amount of time into something that I do not wholeheartedly believe in. I believe in Tomorrow's Athletes, the Concerts I've Seen suite, SkatterBand and even jamblr. These are projects that I have spent many sleepless nights putting together and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So yes dammit, I love our innovations.

Lastly, damn right I love attention. I wasn't a front man in the band for nothing. It's why I continue to speak, lead organizations and spearhead meetings. So contact me and let's chat, because dammit I love me some attention.

Endagon Innovations is officially open for business. We are a forward thinking social media firm that is looking outside of the traditional website to find ways for clients to interact with their customers, fans, adversaries and advocates. Our mission is to help you see opportunity in places that you haven't, because you are too busy running your business. We are here to open your minds to new thinking. Traditional media and marketing is not dead and social media, SEO and viral marketing is not the total package or a quick fix to your company's problems. It is however, a new frontier of opportunity that you have the opportunity to unlock, should you accept the keys. That is the essence of Endagon Innovations.

This blog in no way reflects the company's opinions and are solely my own. So come one, come all, let's start building this thing together.

-Greg Rollett


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