Friday, October 31, 2008

To Be Me - Free MP3

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I am playing around with for my Gen-Y Rock Stars Newsletter and well, I tested it on myself. Below is a never heard before track I did sometime early last year. If you like it, well, my gift to you is that you can have it! It's a free download in the format of your choosing:
MP3 128k
MP3 320k
MP3 Vo
MP3 v2
AAC High
Apple Lossless (iPod)

To Be Me by G-Ro

If you really like it, you can use that share button and throw it up wherever you'd like!

You can also choose to let your audience pick their price for the download, a la Radiohead style. The best part is that the artist keeps everything. No sign-up fees, no percentages, nothing.

Pretty sweet concept. They also claim to have some analytics, so I am hoping that some of you listen and download so I can share some of the stats and tracking.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and happy Halloween!

-Greg Rollett
(oh, I have video from last night ready to go - should be up around 5 or 6 tonight, some good stuff too)


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