Friday, October 31, 2008

My Freestyle Over Living on a Prayer - Rock For Hunger Show

G-Ro and POB at 10,000 Villages in Winter Park
Last night I put on my hip-hop shoes and put together a short performance for Rock For Hunger at 10,000 Villages in Winter Park, FL. It was a great night with performances from Emily Sessoms (I will get her video up on the R4H Blog asap, she was amazing) and Leo from Urbe Prima as well as some great food provided by volunteers that included some delicious meatballs, veggie ziti, a honey baked ham and a handful of Halloween cookies.

After our set was done we had a few regulars that wanted to hear some hip-hop Bon Jovi. I decided to spice it up and get the crowd involved in a little freestyle. You didn't think I still had it in me, did you?

Anyway, here is what came out.

Oh and we raised a ton of money, sold some tickets to Rock For Hunger Fest 3 and I even sold some CD's. Happy Halloween peeps.

-Greg Rollett


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