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Gen-Y Hospitality Report 2009

Gen-Y Hospitality Report | Greg Rollett | Endagon Innovations
I am very excited (as I always am) to release what I feel is an amazing report that I have been working on for a few weeks now with the Endagon Innovations team. It's a free Whitepaper entitled "Gen-Y Hospitality Report 2009" and covers everything from Gen-Y's perspective on hospitality to how they spend their dollars to how they are engaging with their brands.

Here is a quick clip to let you explore more of the Gen-Y Hospitality Report:

A quick run down of what we put in this thing:
  • What is hospitality to Gen-Y? (it might surprise you)
  • How do they spread messages about their business?
  • How does mobile marketing fit in the mix?
  • Who is your Shaun White?
  • Examples of successful sites, communities and conversations
I am really excited to have put this together and hope that you enjoy it. This year has been exciting for us so far in teaching and helping businesses connect with young people and new technologies. If you want to chat about the report, about youth or Gen-Y or how your business can start getting aligned with new media, please shoot me an email or give me a call.

We sent out a few early copies and received some great feedback and I wanted to share some with you!

This is one hell of a piece, man. Lots of GREAT stats and info. You make a very compelling case, no doubt.
Sam Davidson of Cool People Care

Hey Greg, it looks great! A lot of good material and very appealing too.
Ryan Healy of Brazen Careerist

“honestly, this is helpful. we were just talking about the technology aspect and how no one understands it...”
Central FL Gen Y CEO

"Studies such as these are how Endagon earns it's "Innovation" moniker. Instead of branding themselves as "guru's" and "experts" like everyone else trying to quickly make a name for themselves, they are acting as pioneers, and leaders."
Anthony Richardson from Fugitive Marketing

You can download the Whitepaper here and be instantly in love with the lovely boutique that is Endagon Innovations.

Endagon Innovations truly knows the Gen-Y generation better than most – what makes them tick, what makes them click. Their Gen-Y Hospitality Report is a prime demonstration of the proactive approaches necessary to appeal to this demographic.
Katrina Priore from Production Hub and former Asst Publisher of Create Magazine

(anyone that wants more information can find a full press release here - feel free to steal it, embed the video and share this document with your peers, that would be swell.)

Greg Rollett


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