Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go Beyond Your Products To Get Gen-Y

What does your company stand for?
We know you make t-shirts or soda or burgers, but what do you stand for? What makes your company stand apart beyond your product? That's a lot of questions, but before you can start making changes and gathering youth advocacy, you need to answer them.

Dig deep for the answer and you will see how you will succeed in 2009.

An example
Hyundai will sell a few more cars than some of their price based competition due to their new assurance program. Essentially you can return your car if you get laid off after you purchase the car. How is that for economic support. They realize that helping people is just as important as selling cars and the end result will be more cars sold. (hat tip to Ryan Healy)

Another one
Jones Soda is kicking ass and taking Coke and Pepsi down, well not exactly, but they are in the heads of younger consumers as Jones Soda makes them feel a part of their brand, from the names of the drinks to custom bottles to getting in on Gen-Y politics with the "Orange You Glad For Change" Flavor.

Gen-Y loves that you make a killer product, but how does it relate to their life? Scion created a culture. Red Bull created a tribe. Tim Ferris created a lifestyle. What did you do?

Me, I am creating conversation. Between brands, entertainers and the kids that buy their "stuff." I live it, therefore I can talk about it. Check my iPod, full of Wale, Gym Class Heroes and There For Tomorrow. Look in my closet and find Threadless, Nike, Diesel and Kenneth Cole. I'll stop.

What about you?


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