Sunday, January 18, 2009

Orlando Youth Trending Sessions

For the past few weeks I have been toying with throwing a small gathering of a select group of Orlando's finest and most influential trendsetters from the under 30 crowd. I wanted to do it informally, but not in a bar or at a networking happy hour. I wanted to do it in an intimate setting, fire up a mic and have really great thought provoking shit come out of some talented people.

Well I finally have some of the details worked out and am aiming for 10-12 Gen-Y'ers in Orlando that will initially be handpicked to join this event. I have the major players in mind and you will all be getting formal invites this week. Once I have you confirmed, I will be writing some short posts on how you influence people in Orlando and essentially youth culture.

So what will we do
We will chat and record a Podcast on youth trends, branding, music, fashion, school, business, technology and everything in between. It will be very informal, we'll crack open a beer, sip some wine and explore the future of the world from our perspective. The research will then be available for anyone to see, download and use in their marketing. Remember that we are not a trend, we are trendsetters.

Now here is where I hope it gets fun. I want to this every month, maybe every other month. And I also want it to grow. So we are going to grow Fight Club style, kinda. Everyone that attends the 1st session is allowed to invite 1 new guest to session 2. Every new person from session 2 will be allowed to invite 1 new guest to session 3 and so on. Essentially every new session will grow by 10-12 people.

Sponsors, Locations and Date Stuff
The first session is going to be held at Endagon Headquarters on Tuesday, February 17th at 7pm. I will sponsor the 1st session with some beer and wine and maybe some crackers or cookies (real fancy stuff). For future sessions I will be reaching out and looking for group members to reach out to companies that are looking to get into the Gen-Y and Youth crowd to sponsor the Podcast and session and provide some light drinks and snacks. As it grows I also see moving outside our offices. That is TBD. There will be no cost to attend, but those that do not participate will not be asked back.

You must be invited
You must participate
You must be under 30
No computers
No phones

If you would like to be involved in these sessions, please send me an email at or @g_ro.

-Greg Rollett


MLDina January 21, 2009 at 2:14 PM  

Sounds interesting. We're hoping to hold a few Orlando meet ups this year as well, maybe we can co-host. Good luck! Can't wait to see the feedback (unless, of course, the first rule is the same as Fight Club's...).

Greg Rollett January 21, 2009 at 7:48 PM  

Thanks Dina - we would love to collab on some level! Please get in touch and we can def work somehting out. Send a msg to or call our offices at 321.438.4442!

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