Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Youth Trending Sessions 2/17

Endagon innovations presents Youth trending Sessions
Wanted to throw a quick update on the Orlando Youth Trending Sessions that we are hosting on Tuesday, February 17th. The website is live with bios and info on all the session leaders.

Check them out here:
Elizabeth Baranik
Alex Minor
Emily Sessoms
Jesse Ambinder
Timothy Green
Greg Rollett
Katie Merrigan
Lee Anne and John
Chris Abbott (coming ASAP)
Michelle Wright (coming ASAP)

And we have a theme for the first session:
What can young people do today to make a difference in their life?

Here is a quick video I threw together to talk about the excitement that I have for the project:

We are going to UStream the entire session and also post the session as a Podcast as soon as I can get it chopped up.

Anyone that wants to get involved in Session 2 of the Youth Trending Sessions, we are looking to expand and want to hear from you. Drop me a line here.

-Greg Rollett


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