Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Officially Personal Brand Week

It seems like this subject should be drilled down your throat by now. Especially if you are reading blogs, participating on Twitter and working to build your network on social media sites. Personal branding is something that has exploded on the scene and something that IS going to become as important as a resume for hot industries and those that are dependent on having the best people.

Companies that are serious about getting out of whatever rut they may be in, need the best talent, the innovative minds, the go-getters and the conversation starters that will ignite energy into a state economy. That talent is being found through network associations, Google searches, blog conversations, Twitter jabs and current career and lifestyle development.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with MyFoxOrlando on the subject and had a great time explaining what I have been preaching for almost 2 years now! Here is the video:

Me 2.0 by Dan SchwabelOne of my good online buddies (who I found through networking, duh) is launching his book today. It is called 'Me 2.0' and is all about the art of personal branding. It's hard to search the web in the social media and Gen-Y sector without running into this guy, he's like the Ryan Seacrest of Gen-Y. With postings on Mashable, Cheezhead, Brazen Careerist - a Personal Branding Magazine, Award Series and more "quality content" on the web than anyone I know - Dan Schwabel is now a published author.

I don't need to sell the book for him. He is an amazing figure and has great advice. If you want to generate a personal brand that will put you leagues above the competition, buy the book, say hi to him on Twitter and start reading his blog. It's as simple as that.

Congrats Dan. You have grown a great deal and deserve to hit Amazon #1 today.

Cheers to personal branding - or why I'm the Gen-Y, Social Media and Music guy - or so says my business cards!

-Greg Rollett


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