Friday, April 24, 2009

The Rock Star Philosophy

(photo by Daniesq - ps that's not my band they just looked like they are having fun!)

A few months ago I talked about instilling the Rock Star Lifestyle into as many other people as possible. Over that time frame I have been going back and forth on how to expand this notion and make it
  • possible
  • repeatable
  • teachable
  • profitable

I don't have all the answers but know that giving others the confidence, poise and performance measures to live like a Rock Star is something that is very important for personal development and lifestyle design to create successful career paths. Living like a rock star does not mean you have to work for the man (or the machine in the case of a major label), nor does it mean that you have to live freely, location independent or on your own.

Crappy nights in Georgia Still Need Rocking

Living like a Rock Star boils down to having the ability to perform at your highest capacity, no matter the place, no matter the time, no matter the crowd. One of the last shows that I played with my band (StumpP, not the recent retired but called into action Sneakers) was in a small town in Georgia, after an 8 hour drive, where we played for 15 people, including the staff. By all means it had the making of the worst night of our career together, but we lived like true rock stars and tore the roof off the building, sold CD's to every single person in the room, doubled our pay out and left feeling like we tore up a sold out show! That was living like a rock star.

The fundamentals behind living the Rock Star life are by no means set in stone and as I start working on the outline for the course we'll be rolling out, things are bound to change. What I've come up with are 3 distint areas that are the focus behind the rock star lifestyle:
  • Skills Assessment & Career Development
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Building Confidence and Humility

Each piece has differnt influencers that lead to differnt outcomes, with the end goal being able to perform to your highest ability day in and day out. The key piece of the entire course will be the way in which you take action to achive the lifestyle you wish to live. You can talk about change all you want, but at the end of the day your actions will determine your happiness and outlook.

Information for Action's Sake

We all suffer from information overload. RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook updates, mobile phones that ping your emails, tv, news, papers, webinars, conferences - whatever and however you take in the information, you get so much of it that it makes it hard to digest and turn that information into usable actions.

Even those golden blog posts, "5 Ways To Do Whatever," are usually written without much focus on actionable items that you can perform right now. Think about all the b/s you read every afternoon/morning and how much of that impacts your day-to-day life. I can count on my hands the number of writers that inspire me to take action and make a difference in my life. That equals a lot of wasted time and resources.

In order to live the rock star life you need to focus on core actions that have an impact. In my own life I started slowly, made a plan and started finding the pieces that made the puzzle look like the picture on the box. Some examples may be:
  • Start a band, play shows, record and album, sell the album, promote the album, repeat.
  • See a problem, create a solution, recruit others, enforce the solution.
  • Discover a skill, educate, network, create authority, address authority, work in the field, own the field.

Well, it's Friday, and Jun Loayza just let me know our video from his awesome bloggers series is live. That took place on Wednesday of this week and really motivated me to start getting this Rock Star Lifestyle thing going and moving it into motion.

The video is embedded below and you can learn more here. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be co-hosting Start-Up Saturdays at 2pm EST and 11am PCT. I am super stoked for that. The topic is on company money, funding and all that good stuff that has to do with paying the bills and making your start-up tick.

I know the posts haven't been as fluid lately, but its all part of being that Gen-Y guy trying to find his direction and all that jazz (plus we have some clients who rock hard as well and want this enthusiasm to carry over into their business). In the mean time, catch me posted living like a rock star, helping the community and still not saying NO to any project that looks fun and challenging.



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