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Eric's Rock Star Tale - From Intern To Internet Rock Star

Eric Schechter the Social Media ManIn life you have the opportunity to do a few things. You can help someone that is looking for help, or you can ignore it and go on with your life. My wife tells me I do too much of the first, always looking to help someone out, teach them the things in my head and help them with their problem(s). Yea, she's probably right. Today I wanted to share a really cool rock star tale with you guys about a good friend and also someone that took the things that came out of my head and totally rocked the entire social media world in a way I never imagined.

It all started...

about a year or so ago in our first office in downtown Orlando. At this point we were just starting out the agency thing and had just merged Rollett Marketing into Endagon Innovations (to make a long intro short). In this process I came along a college student with an incredible internship at a local record label, Eric. Our first chat was about a site we had in concept and he thought it was cool and he said he may have some family investors that would want to get involved. All he wanted was to learn some of the SEO and Social Media stuff I was using for my personal brand as well as for some of our early clients.

I was an asshole.

After a few weeks on board, Eric was now a full member of the EI Team and had been immersed in a few of my trainings, swipe files and tools. Our first client together was the now locally fabled Orlando Ichiban. Eric got the sale and was hot to make them a new site, start creating new media content and run out of the gates. With his questions came my rudeness and ultimately an awesome web copywriter was born!

There is no secret that money is tight in a start up agency and when student loans come knocking, you need to go get yours. An opportunity came around to Eric a few months ago from the affiliate network Clickbooth. After a tough decision, Eric headed out to Sarasota to begin a journey as the Social Media Superstar in their organization.

Always one to put his personal brand aside for the greater good of his clients and company, Eric has killed it over there. Take one look at the Clickbooth Blog Design and you can see how far he has come from his Blogger beginnings (yes, that's even a jab to my own site - I know, I know, switch it over already!). Eric has been able to bring it and rock it with top affiliates like Shoemoney, Johnathon Volk and others and really made an impact to getting the word on affiliate marketing into a fun and positive light. He even let me shine over there, writing a post on not forgetting about the youth market in your affiliate promotions.

From Intern To Rock Star

So how did Eric do it? Well here is one thing to note: Eric is not working for himself. IN fact he works for a company. One that he loves, one that he doesn't mind waking up for in the morning or staying in the office late with.

Eric Schechter from Clickbooth
Eric found something that he was passionate about and found an employer that believed in his mission, his skills and his idea of a great job. Some other things that I think helped him along the way include:

Eric wanted to jump into everything right away but he saw that a personal brand and developing relationships is not an overnight thing. It paid off nicely.

For all the long nights we spent working on SEO, HTML stuff, link building and content writing - he has come out stronger. Being a rock star requires practice. Rehearse, regroup, brainstorm and make yourself better every time.

This dude was on it like no one I have ever seen. He knew what every Social Media superstar was up to at any given minute, every campaign, why things worked, why things didn't and how to fix them. He lived and breathed it and you could really tell there was a passion there.

There are some things that no one can teach, we'll call those the intangibles. In order for you to be a Rock Star you do need to possess some things that help, motivate and display rock star qualities. Eric had them (and could play a mean bass too).

Now the Sales Pitch

This Rock Star tale is one of many that I have been so lucky to be a part of and through building this relationship, I know have a great friend and someone that I can learn from. I have been 100% intrigued with affiliate marketing from the get-go in my Internet World and now Eric is giving me the extra kick in the ass that I need to make a few extra nickels and dimes. If you are looking to get involved with affiliate marketing I strongly encourage you to check them out, I can say they have been amazing and if you ever have any problems I know where their social media guy lives.

Blatant affiliate link to Clickbooth.

Check it out and if not, well, hopefully you can see a transformation beginning in yourself from "whatever you are now" to "rock star!"

-Greg Rollett


Eric Schechter May 20, 2009 at 3:42 PM  

Thanks for the kind words Greg! It really means a lot:-)

You've always been an inspiration to me, from your work ethic, to how passionate you are about everything you do...I can only hope to reach your level one day!

Thanks again for always being there to motivate me, inspire me, and most of all show me what a true Internet Rockstar is!

I know this is just the beginning of your amazing career and I can't wait to see all of the great things you continue to do in the future!

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