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Liberation, Freedom and A Job Title Called Ass Kicker

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Waking up at 9am, looking at the sand, the waves and the Corona in your hand may be a fantasy for a Tuesday, but for some it really is their Tuesday. And I'm not talking about movie stars and musicians. I am talking about those that have created businesses and lifestyles to make their time work for them and not the other way around. Freedom businesses if you will.

In the 20-something market there is lots of chatter on entrepreneurship or branching out, starting these businesses that you can work from anywhere, make a great living and be free from cubicle hell, or something like that, all while creating a purpose or mission in your life. Disclaimer aside, this is my mental path as well.

Liberation Manifesto by Johnathon Mead
There are some awesome bloggers and writers in this space that get me going every morning and today I found a really cool manifesto by Jonathon Mead called, "Join the Liberation Revolution." As good as it was I found it even more interesting that it was part of Clay Collins's Project Mojave Team and launch. I had heard that Johnathon joined his team, but wasn't sure on the level - according to the Project Mojave Team Page Jonathon is the Director of Ass Kicking. That is wicket sweet. This 20-something page "Manifesto" is really well written and has even a better design around it - it comes highly personally recommended (even for you cubicle dwellers).

So why am I sharing this?

This one sentence is the reason I want to share this:
So for the sake of clarity, all of your reasons for hating your boring, lifeless job are valid. It doesn’t matter if you think someone else has it worse off than you. It doesn’t matter if there are starving children is Somalia. You’ll be in a much better position to contribute and make a difference in this world if you’re doing something you’re passionate about, or at least interested in.

That's a great piece of writing right there Mr. Mead. I would like to clarify a bit further. You DO NOT NEED to ditch the cubicle. You DO NOT NEED to switch fields, careers or locations. You NEED to change your mindset. Not an easy thing to do. Sometimes that does mean that you need to change careers, jobs, location, partners, whatever.

Personal Freedom and Personal Rewards as a Young Pro

I have been teaching the Personal Branding and Career Development thing for almost 2 years now and never really knew it. In the process I have been coming up with ways to really define what makes you tick, or better yet get up in the morning. I wrote about wanting to save the world while driving a $400,000 car that emits shitty gasses and toxins. The cool thing is that this is possible, in fact, it's more possible today than ever in our lives. What it takes is action.

3 Actions to Start your Personal Freedom Today

  1. Google your name and determine if you like what you see. It's a weird way of looking at yourself in the mirror. When I Google my name I see this site, which has a lot of work to go towards becoming the brand I truly want, not what I thought I wanted. I then see Rock For Hunger, and Twitter and EG and other things that make me really proud. What does your Google results page make you feel?
  2. What is the number 1 thing you want to start doing in your life and name the top 3 road blocks in your way. Start knocking out those road blocks right now. For me, I want to surf on Tuesdays. Roadblocks include the chain on my desk, no board and scared to death of sharks and the damn shark attacks keep happening in new Smyrna. Step 1 get rid of the chain.
  3. Go read the "Manifesto" I opened this post up with. The idea is to start thinking outside the box even if you like living your life in it. Start giving meaning to what you do everyday. Download it here and it would be wise to opt-in to get more of their stuff.

Are you enjoying your Tuesday?

-Greg Rollett


@MattWilsonTV May 19, 2009 at 11:28 AM  

Greg, glad I saw this on Twitter. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

Hope this makes more people go out and start their dreams. NOW

Greg Rollett May 19, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

Hey Matt - thanks for chiming in again. We should def collab on one of your video shows soon and give some amazing content about these businesses and what you can do no matter your experience. It start today and with action, not talk.

Ryan Stephens May 20, 2009 at 7:48 AM  


I'm right there with you and love what Clay and now Jonathan are doing with Project Mohave. I think it's all about putting a bunch of little things in motion and aimed at a specific target. Eventually all the momentum builds up, you reach that Tipping point, and you can achieve your dreams. At least that's the plan eh?


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