Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Update

This blog has been pretty dormant lately and with good reason! Things have been progressing nicely with some projects, new sites and opportunities. Here is the quick lowdown:

RockStarLifestyleDesign - This is a new site that I launched quietly about a month ago geared towards helping 20somethings focus on their life outlook as well as some Internet Marketing techniques and a weekly section on Rock Star Recipes.

Gen-Y Rock Stars - I have been trying to get back into the music game for a little while now and have been fading in and out for the past 2 years or so. It seems that fate took a turn for me and I will be fully embracing the music world again and I couldn't be happier. Gen-Y Rock Stars will be getting a makeover, some new tools and a much needed content facelift with a focus on actual artist accomplishments, interviews and more tactic and tip focused as opposed to reviewing companies.

Oh and Label 2.0 is going to launch now on August 1st. It is going to be a soft launch and is going to be a life changer for me and for those that get in on the ground level. Sign up here.

Intern Opportunity - If you know anyone in the Orlando area that is looking for a fall internship opportunity, I am looking for someone for around 10 hours a week to interview bands, shoot videos and all that good stuff. It's a pretty tough job, but someone has to do it. Shoot me an email to for all those interested. (There will be a monthly stipend and bonus opportunities)

Writing Streak - I have been writing a lot lately for some pretty cool and high profile sites. Here are some links to check out. I want to thank the authors/blog owners for letting me tell my tale on their sites.

Blue Collar Personal Branding - The Personal Branding Blog
How to Surf on Tuesday and Save the World Thursday - Free Pursuits
Lifestyle Design Tips That Rock Stars Can Teach You - Workshifting
Connecting with Bloggers Outside the Music Niche - Audiolife

Was also featured in Jun Loayza's Mashable post on business models for our work on Label 2.0.
Save the World Stuff - Rock For Hunger has been nothing short of phenomenal and busy! We hosted the iRock For Hunger Auditions at Backbooth on July 12 and 14 where we were able to raise over $1,000, get a ton of canned food and get back into the local music scene. The next festival meeting is next week for those that want to gt involved in the 4th Annual Extravaganza. Email me at for more info and an invite.

We are also working with SomaCow for the 1st ever Cure for the Run, a 0.05k downtown on Wall Street, Satursday August 22nd at 4pm. Get more info and register here.

We are also in the middle of a site redesign and anyone willing to give some time to help us out, please email me - We have some great ideas to be even more efficient and get information to volunteers, donors and resources for the homeless in Orlando.

Affilliate Summit East - This is something that I am really excited about! I am heading to NYC August 8th for the largest affiliate marketing gathering there is. If you are going to be there, please say hello and any other New Yorkers are urged to say hello and meetup! You can still register for Affiliate Summit here before it sells out.

And it don't stop! If you are looking for my insightful stuff, you might want to switch the feed over to Rock Star Lifestyle Design, which is housing some great conversations from Social Change Rock Stars to Where $20,000 can be spent better than on college.

If you like knowing whatis going on in my Rock Star Life, than stick around. I promise some better posts and cooler stuff.



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