Monday, August 24, 2009

Traveling Man Updates from ASE + Cure For The Run

It has been a busy few weeks here and I wanted to write down some updates and throw up some pictures to track this Rock Star Life of mine!

Label 2.0 has officially launched and we have over 20 members at this point. We have an amazing partner that I can officially announce soon that is going to help build this business into the music marketing platform that I always wanted it to be. With that said, here is how things are progressing.

We went live the first week of August very quietly, with a blog post and an email to my mailing list and the people that were on our early bird list. We had our first signup within 2 hours. What a relief that was. Now we are smooth sailing with new modules, live calls and training as well as refining the sales page and marketing strategies (which could have been stronger from the start, but we live and we learn).

Next up was a wild trip to Jersey, NYC and Philly.

I got to see the Statue of Liberty for the 1st time as well as hanging out with J-Ro around the city.

(at the Statue of Liberty on a nice afteroon cruise)

(at Rockerfeller Center)

Affiliate Summit was a blast, thanks to Missy Ward for hooking me up and giving me an opportunity to meet some amazing people and learn some really cool stuff to apply to my business.

Clickbooth was the crew I was partying it up with as Eric Schechter invited me to their bloggers dinner and Beer Pong Party. It was a great event and ever better that I got to take home $500 from taking 1st place.

(Clickboth Blogger Dinner)

I met some superstar bloggers from John Chow to Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (go get their book Trust Agents which I think goes on sale today).

(John Chow and Eric after the Clickbooth Contest drawing - I was the film guy)

(Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and I at ASE09)

After New York it was on to Philly for a wedding and reconnecting with old friends. We had a blast.

The week back saw no slowing down as SomaCow and Rock For Hunger teamed up for the Cure For The Run. Through the event we were able to raise over $3,000 to combat poverty and homelessness in the Downtown Orlando area and had a great time in the process. You can read a wrap up post over on the Rock For Hunger Blog.

(Jen from SomaCow and I at Cure For the Run)

If you are looking for the thoughtful marketing and Gen-Y posts that used to take up space here, they can now be found at Rock Star Lifestyle Design. This site will primarily be used to keep up with my Rock Star Life and all the things I am up to as I try to save the world.



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