Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rock Star Business Series is Live For Less Than a Burrito

This morning we opened the door to the new Rock Star Business Series. Essentially it is a training platform for young entrepreneurs to learn online tools and how to apply them to their brand and their business. It costs less than a burrito to get started.

Here is a video I shot with Ryan Browne, a student in the first round of the Rock Star Series

So, this is not the sales pitch, if you want that, head on over to the Sales Page.

I did want to say that I am extremely happy with the effort and the value we have been able to provide to this next group of young entrepreneurs. We have lowered the cost and improved the value. There is no better feeling than getting an email that says your training has helped them do something cool.

If you are a young entrepreneur and want to join this group of young entrepreneurs, go check out the sales page. I think you are going to love it.

Other Notes and Tidbits
I'll be in Atlanta this weekend for those that want to catch up. Looking forward to another marketing conference, the SEC Championship and seeing some old friends.

This Thanksgiving we spent the better half of the morning with our homeless friends in Orlando. The event was moving and really brings out the best in people. Check out the full wrap up on the Rock For Hunger Blog.

Thanksgiving Breakfast for the Homeless in Orlando, FLHave a great week.



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