Monday, October 15, 2007

Florida Creative’s Tonight at Crooked Bayou in Downtown Orlando

Florida Creative’s is a group of creative thinking professionals in the Orlando area. I heard about this group right around the time of BlogOrlando a few weeks ago. BlogOrlando was an amazing event in which close to 300 bloggers, from professionals to corporations to living room hobbyists and everything in between met up at Rollins College to discuss the state of Blogging ‘Un-Conference Style.’

In talking with some cool people, I found out about this community that I didn’t know existed. The community was Florida Creative’s and tonight is their 10th meeting at the Crooked Bayou. The meetings/happy hours occur every 3rd Monday of the month and serve as a networking tool and a way to forward out community for all the creative fields.

I’m going on a limb here and stating that Ryan Price, ‘local Podcasting guy’ is the one responsible for this madness. This is what he posted over at the Florida Creatives Facebook Group:

Florida Creatives' 10th Happy Hour is on the way! With BlogOrlando and BarCamp Orlando under our collective belt, it's time to take all the energy we picked up on the conference circuit and exercise those new friendships! We should be starting student chapters at local schools and getting more solid commitments about Florida Creatives chapters in other cities.

Hope to see some cool people there, have a beer and talk the talk. Festivities start at 6. For more info head on over to



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