Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It’s a Twitterific World

I’ve had an up and down relationship with Twitter for the 3 months that we have been seeing each other. It started our great, high ambitions, we were talking multiple times a day and the conversations were soooooo meaningful. What a blast we had together. Twitter never talked back and I could always count on lil Tweets to share my every whereabouts with and never got a “really hunny, you’re doing that,” that my wife always yaps about.

Then came the harsh reality that Twitter wasn’t right for my friends. Nobody got Twitter. All the band kids, the jocks, and my college grad friends couldn’t grasp Twitter’s beauty. My Tweets were no longer blossoming. Instead they were ignored and lost amongst the 1,000s of RSS Feeds in my Google Reader. There needed to be a bigger purpose, a light at the end of the tunnel. Then along came a little luncheon at Wackadoos. They were interested in my Twitter. Oh yes they were!

They wanted little Tweets sent out for every occasion, and oh it would be glorious. Then came the one million Twitter add-ons that were could be put on my Twitter like Mr. Potato Head parts. My good friend Mashable even started reporting that the Government had cloned Twiiter and made her into more compact and higher powered, more features like an Ashley Simpson nose job. No bother, my Twit wouldn’t go down without a Lindsay Lohan ‘Mean Girls’ fight scene.

No back and better than ever is G-Ro on Twitter. And I have followers and followees who are ready for my every move. We were destined to make history together, one stupid Twit at a time.

Back to reality, I had to get some craziness out of my overstressed mind. For real people, Twiiter is an awesome marketing and networking tool that is gaining in popularity everyday. With some really cool open-sourced tools, Twitter can be accessed from your Firefox browser, your desktop, or your iPhone (or Sidekick, the iPhone before the iPhone for kool kids like us). Even your Facebook Status can now be updated via Twitter!

Do you have some interesting ways of using Twitter for your personal, business or networking options? If so, I’d love to start sharing some here. I’ll go first, Wackadoos is currently sending out their daily specials via Twitter and a Twitter badge on their Myspace profile. Since they are located on the University of Central Florida campus, there is above average internet access and the students and faculty are eating it up, both on Twitter and the ports Bar.

So open up and show the power of Twitter. Before the world gets to it!



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