Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dreams and Dremaing Big

With goal setting past me at this point, seeing that I don’t keep them very well I have moved on to making sure I at the very least attempt my dreams. Keeping up with my personal life lately has been a roller coaster that even my wife cannot figure out. One day I am saving the world with Rock For Hunger, another I am leading a revolt for job seekers and Gen-Y. Tomorrow I am running a Marketing Company that has serious dollar implications involved. Then comes the studio work and the music. Oh and did I mention that I also pull a 9-5 to survive?

Wearing so many hats, it is hard to keep focus and determine what hat to wear at one given time. I was even called an over-promiser and under-deliver this week. Damn. In taking a look back now, maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. In certain aspects, yes I have under produced. This being in my own personal company and my musical aspirations. I think that I have over-performed in pulling weight in Rock For Hunger and the 9-5.

So to get back to dreams. What do I want to accomplish when push comes to shove? Where is all this hard work taking me to? Am I happy with where it is going?

I’m pretty happy. Great wife and family. Bills paid, no more debt. Good (not great) 9-5. What is missing? I think what is missing is that fire, that desire to push harder everyday to get what it is that I want out of life in the end. That is to be happy, travel and have quality time for myself and my family.

Chris and I have decided this week that we are going to start realizing our dreams. We have committed to a new project that will encompass our lives in the coming months and hopefully years to come. Details on the project won’t be revealed until this weekend when we make it official. I can say that it involves all the ingredients that are encompassed in my dreams. Travel, family and changing the world.

It takes a lot to change your mentality from the traditional 9-5, dinner, tv and sleep to pursuing something that you believe in so much that you are willing to sacrifice and make a commitment to something that is bigger than you and will have a great impact on your future, your career, the lives of others and your life in general. And hey, if it has to do with Gen-Y entitlement and me wanting to be the boss of my life, then so be it. I am ready to accept the responsibility of my life in my own hands.

Dreams. This is the power of life. Dreams make for marketing plans, big studio movies, comeback albums, open social, new job opportunities, new homes and other endeavors. It’s time for you to dream, get that new idea and make it happen. Even if it means going out of your comfort zone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.



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