Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Future of MP3 Downloads. Food For Thought Major Labels.

Tonight I had the pleasure of being interview by Mark Jigarjian, a Media Production major at Rollins College in Winter Park. The talks ranged from the general Myspace Marketing of bands, to viral videos on YouTube to how social media and technology has changed the game and leveled the playing field to anyone with music as a passion.

The interview will air early next week after they talk to a few more people in the industry, and edit the piece down from all my ramblings.

One point that I came up with towards the end of the interview was that of merging media distribution. I brought up the point of Blip.tv distributing my videos with one click to my Myspace Blog, Myspace Bulleting, Facebook application, Twitter account and Blogger Blog.

I then motioned that MP3’s can and should be distributed in the same way. When you upload a song, why couldn’t it be virtually sent out to Myspace, Facebook pages, SnoCaP, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, CD Baby and the countless number of indie sites offering music downloads and streaming capability?

I then took it a step further and said that it would possibly take the power of the major labels to make such a deal or process happen. With their resources and power, the majors could make it possible for musicians to aggregate their downloadable music through a bevy of platforms with a single upload. And they could even take a cut of the sales. How about that major labels?

I call this the G-Ro Music Aggregation Theory. Put it in the books.



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