Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Track Star Tuesdays | Iron Lung - Samurai Electro

Welcome to the second episode of Track Star Tuesdays, a weekly music review of a new indie music release and its marketing efforts. To get your band featured, please check out our submission policy here.

Today we are taking a look at Orlando based trip hop / hip-hop artist Iron Lung and his 4-track EP Samurai Electro. Enjoy and please provide feedback and comments.

Download Samurai Electro
Download Samurai Electro Acapella and Instrumental Version

 Iron Lung - Samurai Electro EP
The Good
Clean Myspace
Great use of free services for Digital Downloads (MediaFire)
Can be found on Torrents

The Bad
Not making any money
Poor use of non-Myspace music networks
No personal site with own, hosted and branded domain

My 2 Cents:
Tune into the video to find out.

Thanks to Iron Lung for taking part in this new series. Check out his Myspace page for the latest updates and to download Samurai Electro.



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