Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Using Multiple Platforms for Music Promotion

Disclosure: I swear that I am not a gamer. This is my 3rd post with something to do with GTA IV (and I'm really not trying to game Google either).

What I found interesting is how musicians and record labels are using gaming platforms to promote and sell their music. Wired author Eliot Van Buskirkjust put out a report stating that Grand Theft Auto songs will be available for download - DRM free - on Amazon MP3.

So not only are the artists taking it to the games for promotion, but the games are taking the music and presenting them in an additional format for everyone to make a few more bucks.

Amazon will sell a 16 song compilation, The Music of Grand Theft Auto, as well as offering all the other tunes as a 256 Kbps DRM-free MP3 download for 99 cents each or less.

Also newsworthy is a New York Times article that quotes the music as:

At least as impressive as the city’s virtual topography is the range of the game’s audio and music production, delivered through an entire dial’s worth of radio stations available in almost any of the dozens of different cars, trucks and motorcycles a player can steal. From the jazz channel (billed as “music from when America was cool”) through the salsa, alt-rock, jazz, metal and multiple reggae and hip-hop stations, Lazlow Jones, Ivan Pavlovich and the rest of Rockstar’s audio team demonstrate a musical erudition beyond anything heard before in a video game.
When looking into promoting your music, online or off, look for the potential in partnerships and what they can really do for you.

Is a one-time mention worthy of your time as opposed to a complete cross-promotional package? Weigh your options and come up with a plan that benefits everyone and also has some time elasticity. The longer you can keep the buzz up, the better for all parties.

Think of the Rock Band sales. They are still coming in. GTA IV will have an amazing first week, no doubt, but the video game will continue to sell through Christmas, which means so will the downloads and soundtracks.

While conferences and big festivals provide a great one-time thunder storm for your brand, what matters to your bottom line is a lasting impression.

-Greg Rollett

(photo by louder)

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