Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Track Star Tuesdays, but its Wednesday

I actually did get Track Star Tuesdays up on Tuesday (yesterday for those that are counting).

It has moved though to its new home at the Skatterband Blog. I haven't talked much about SkatterBand and will get into more depth as it becomes closer to a full launch.

All you need to know today is that it will be a Music Marketing version of one of my favorite sites, SEO Moz, complete with tools, tips, e-books and a killer daily blog. (We are looking for contributors!)

Any musicians that wish to get into the site early are encouraged to sign-up at The blog is up and running and getting some great traffic from Digg and StumbleUpon.

Also, for those that like my Music Marketing posts, they have moved over to that site as well. I am trying to be the Rand Fishkin of the Online Music Marketing world and have been putting up some of my best work to date over there.

More on SkatterBand to come later on. For now, go watch the latest Track Star Tuesdays featuring Orlando's own hip-hop-pop-rock quartet, Daylight District over on the SkatterBand Blog today!

Thanks and if you enjoy either of my sites, please be sure to subscribe to the feeds, it is much appreciated!

-Greg Rollett


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