Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Using Google To Sell Your Blog

I am always looking at ads that people make on AdWords for their products and sites. Today I was scanning the ads on my site when I came across a Millennial marketing his personal blog through AdWords.

Gen-Y and AdWords
Not too strange I thought.

Intrigued I clicked through to the site, Millennial Life. The landing page was the homepage of the blog. A common trait of AdWords users. The problem I see is that you want to take people to your best stuff. If your latest post is just a photo, or an update or something of no value to a first time reader, you may turn that reader off before they hit the subscribe button.

Millennial Life Blog by BT
We'll put that fact to the side and get to the reason for this post. If he monitored the AdSense ads that were appearing on his site, he would notice that he is inadvertently advertising for his own site on his blog. In fact, Google thinks this is the most relevant ad to his site.
Millennials and AdWords
I would like to think that BT, the bloggers screen name, would still be breaking even on the deal, as he would be getting paid through AdSense for hosting the ad and the click, and paying out to AdWords for the user making the click.

All of this nonsense just to being the viewer back to the very same home landing page.

I think its great that Millennials are marketing their blog and spending some money to get more readers. And why not use Google? They serve up the most ads and let your earn some quarters on the back-end with AdSense. Just be sure that you are monitoring stats from both accounts and also your own site. You can block ads from certain advertisers, and that may very well include your own ads from appearing on your own site.

BT, I hope you see this and your Millennial Life blog gets some traffic from the Google ads. We do not need to lose you as a Gen-Y blogger due to losing funds and bad marketing tactics.

Gen-Y question of the day?

How are you advertising your Gen-Y blog? AdWords, StumbleUpon Ads, Facebook Ads, WOM Marketing, the Brazen Careerist network, nothing? This will prove noteworthy to all Gen-Y bloggers looking to expand their network!

-Greg Rollett

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