Friday, May 30, 2008

Twitter Sucks, But I Still Run Back

I wasn't going to get into it. I'm not an A-lister or super Twitter member, like Scoble. No one writes articles saying that I am single handily breaking the damn site. Not even close. I got a head full of ideas, could use and extra 4-15 hours in a day and use Twitter to communicate with those that share similiar views.

This is my Twitter experience today:

Yup, a whale saying too many Tweets. The biggest problem with Twitter is upsetting their users. Or is it letting down their users. Either way it sucks. A service with so much potential and so much praise from so many places, can't get their act together.

They just raised another $15 mil.

The general public still doesn't get Twitter. Neither do some of its members who either:
a) only self-promote
b) don't follow people back or
c) never join the conversation (that little @ sign is actually a good thing on Twitter)

The 2 main problems for Twitter:
a) Crossing into mainstream popularity
b) Being able to support the mainstream popularity

Friend Feed replacing TwitterPersonally, the hype around Friend Feed as an alternate or replacement is not there for me. It took me almost a year to have "good" people to follow and "great" conversations to happen on Twitter. How long is it going to take before I can convince all the people I hyped Twitter to, to now go and join Friend Feed.

For me, I don't care what the platform is. I only care about the people on the platform. I still use Myspace daily because my people, connections and business take place on Myspace. I will continue to use Twitter as long as the conversation is happening there. Once the conversation stops, so will I.

And heck, the downtown gives me time to do productive things, like write this post about how much Twitter sucks, but is still one of the most valuable web tools there is.

Maybe they should ask Blaine Cook to come back, even remotely. I remember him speaking at FOWA in Miami and he could barely finish his talk because he was running a very in demand site. There was still downtime when he was there, but at least it got back up in a reasonable amount of time.

-Greg Rollett

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