Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Mobile Matters More than Internet

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We’ll have one mobile phone per child before we ever have one laptop per child.

– Inspired by Jason Grigsby’s talk, "Going Fast on the Mobile Web," at WebVisions

I saw this quote today and was blown away by it. Why? Because it is so obvious we overlook it.

Take a look at your friends. Go ahead, turn around, look in your "cell phone" contacts and really take a deep thought to how many of them have laptops vs. how many have cell phones. I would dare to say that all have phones and a good percentage have MacBooks.

Everyone has a mobile phone. Web and mobile strategist Jason Grigsby states that there are currently 3.3 billion mobile devices versus 900 million PCs. ( - Look in the comments)That's a big gap. And with phones getting smarter and smarter, and marketers getting more creative with mobile advertising, the phone is where it is at.

Heck, people with iPhones, and even some Blackberries, have no use for a computer. MP3 players are declining in sales due to cell phones being the supreme being. (At least Apple has the iPhone - a Zune phone anyone?)

Wait until coupon companies get it right as well. GripOffs has a great idea in place where users will click into the Grip Offs mobile site from your mobile-web favorites, browse for coupons based on your location and preference (movies, food, oil change, etc) and then you can show your phone to the business to get your discount or free-be.

Google offers free 411 style information through texting. Just text a query to "Google" or 466453, and get results via SMS almost instantly. Fandango mobile kicks ass when you are on the road on a Friday night and need those tickets before all those high school kids do.

I already mentioned how Papa John's is using cell phones to order your favorite pizzas.

What about Qik for video and Utterz for photos? Instant mobile uploads and live streaming and only getting better to boost. No need to carry around a video or digital camera anymore.

With the rate that Gen-Y, business professionals and stay-at-home moms are on the go, mobile needs to be in your future business plans.

How are you using mobile to grow your business? Is your blog mobilized? That just moved up on the priority list for me.

-Greg Rollett


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