Friday, June 6, 2008

Gen-Y Demographics

Great stats on Gen-Y from eMarketer:

We spend a lot of money:

We shop online. Nearly half of Gen-Y bought something online in the last 12 months.

Gen-Y is ethnically diverse:

  • 60% white
  • 15% black (non-Hispanic)
  • 18% Hispanic
  • 4% Asian
To compare the baby boomers are:
  • 72% white
  • 11% black (non-Hispanic)
  • 10% Hispanic
  • 4% Asian
Millennials play video games. Nearly everyday. XBox owners do play everyday.

Quick observations:
  • Gen-Y will make more money and will spend more money. We do have a knack for material things and will spend and spend until we have them all.
  • Advertisers need to reach Gen-Y over multiple mediums, in a way that is not obstructive to what they are doing. Brand recognition is key and the more times we see something the more likely we are to remember it. This also has to do with Gen-Y being the ADD Generation.
  • Advertisers need to reach more and different backgrounds, household sizes, interests and cultural differences that ever before. Look at the Rachel Ray / Dunkin Donuts fiasco.
  • Make games. Make then funny, bloody and urban. We dig that stuff.
-Greg Rollett


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