Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Fast Are You?

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Between instant messaging, Twitter, all the real time Social Media monitoring tools, mobile and even cable companies with DVR boxes and Smart remotes, how fast is your business?
  • How quick can you respond?
  • How fast can you engage your customer/fan/client?
  • How fast till the project is done?
  • How fast till you know someone is talking about you?
  • How fast till you do something about it?
I saw today that Verizon is showing off some tools at movie theaters, where you text in a reply, watch a commercial or video promoting a Verizon product and then all the results of the texting show up on the movie screen. That's fast.

I mentioned that Grooveshark answers their fans near instantly.

In a recent campaign, I wanted my client to play pop culture text message trivia with patrons while the waiter or server got their drinks and put in their order. You don't have to wait. You don't have to go home and enter codes. You play at the table with your phone. If you win you get a coupon that you can use instantly. Not on your next visit. Not on certain dates in the future, instantly.

Clients are impatient. They want to know when their product is ready, but they want it ready faster than you can produce it. Show them things. Make them feel the project is getting closer to having their hands on it.

Clients also want results. They also want them today. They want traffic and conversions now. Is the content you are creating Digg worthy? Is the traffic Digg brings results worthy?

Mark Krupinski and I have been talking about Social Media Measuring tools. We did this over a conversation and then on Twitter. Within minutes, Mark had set up demos with Radian6 and Techrigy.

On my end, Radian6 started following me on Twitter before I knew they existed. They proceeded to join Doterati, a Central Florida Interactive Marketing Community I am helping to build and market. The CEO then sent a direct Tweet to me.

Let's quickly add that I got a comment on my last post from someone at Collective Intellect, another Social Media monitoring too. It's good to see all these companies using FAST as a selling point.

That's fast!

How fast are you?

-Greg Rollett


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