Friday, July 11, 2008

Warped Tour Orlando 2008

Somehow, someone, someway I got to Warped Tour in Orlando this year and not only was I a vendor for Rock For Hunger, but I sneaked my way into a Media Pass as well. Below are some photos. More updates to come about how bands, labels and sponsors did as far as marketing and harnessing the power of cell phones and social media.

Travis from Gym Class Heroes at Wapred Tour 2008Schwayze at Warped Tour in OrlandoGabe from Cobra Starship at Warped Tour Orlando 2008
Check out the rest of my photos from the Orlando stop of Warped Tour on Flickr.

And for those that are looking for more beyond the band style things from Warped Tour 2008, we are doing an interview series over on SkatterBand, first up is the Briggs.

Oh and I have some video too, I took it with my Flip camera, looks good on the little thing, will put it on the big screen later tonight!

-Greg Rollett
(I'll be praying to get a pair of iPhones tomorrow, a day after all the fun of waiting in lines and sell-outs)


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