Monday, September 29, 2008

5 Free eBooks You Need To Read Today

I read, a lot. So much in fact that I finally bought a printer today at lunch to start printing articles, eBooks and Whitepapers. I also bought binders, labels and the coveted 3-hole puncher to start organizing everything for training new employees and my own reference.

eBooks are a dime a dozen, and everyone has one now a days. Cutting through the clutter and finding books with real meat, information and analysis is actually an art form and a challenge. Writing one is another in itself. I am working on one as we speak with a working title of Sex, Drugs and Myspace Pages - Rock Stars for the Millennial Generation.

Anyway, on to the meat. Here are 5 free eBooks you should download, print and highlight the crap out of this afternoon. Not tomorrow, not next week, but tonight! Start reading, learning and sharing today!

  1. Generation We by Eric H. Greenberg and Karl Weber.

    Generation We eBook
    Listen Closely – It's the Sound of Your World Changing Forever. Great info and analysis on Gen-Y and what we are up to and about to do. Add politics, beliefs and the abilities of our children and you have some debating and thinking to do.
  2. The Pirate's Dilema by Matt Mason.

    Pirate's Dilemma ebook by Matt MasonThe book is available as a pay what you feel model and is well worth throwing Matt a few bucks. It really speaks volumes to our society and culture as Gen-Y and emerging technologists. The Pirate’s Dilemma tells the story of how youth culture drives innovation and is changing the way the world works.
  3. Personal Branding for the Business Professional by Chris Brogan.

    Chris Brogan | personal Branding eBookIf you are into Social Media and not reading Chris Brogan you are missing out on one of the best minds for participation and conversation that there is! This eBook is short, to the point and full of tips you can use today as a young Gen-Y professional when putting together your personal brand.
  4. How to Call Attention to Your Music by Derek Sivers.

    Derek Sivers eBookIf you are one of my musician readers, you should know of Derek Sivers, the man behind CD Baby (although he recently sold it to DiscMakers). The way Derek lives and writes are amazing. This eBook is great not just for musicians, but anyone looking to be seen in a crowded room. Start applying some of his real world tips today and see a difference in your results!
  5. The New Rules of Viral Marketing by David Meerman Scott.

    Viral Marketing eBookNothing is guaranteed to go viral these days. With more and more agencies trying to get their campaigns to go viral, you get a lot of crap and pissed off clients. Listen to David and beef up your viral skills, or at least your understanding of virility.
Please add your comments and additions to this list.
I will put them into this post as they come in. The eBooks can be anything from Gen-Y to Social Media to the Music Industry. Let's find the best of the best and put together a little library of free resources for the Millennial Generation.

-Greg Rollett


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