Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is It Hard To Decide What You Do?

New and Social Media Agency in Orlando, FLIn the midst of launching our New Media Marketing Agency, Endagon Innovations, we had our first slight arguement. It was in the copywriting and design stages for our company website and how we should:

  • portray ourselves
  • talk to our clients
  • brand our initiatives
  • interact with our clients and consumers
To me this was a vital area to our success. Logan wants to perceive a professional look and feel, and I don't blame him. That is the way every business before Social Media was ran. That is how every corporate website looks and reads, or so we thought.

I wanted to be inspirational, conversational and informational. These are 3 principles of Social Media, and an image that we can present to our clients wishing to utilize New and Social Media. I started looking at other agencies, from big shots like Cross Tech Media and Mindcomet, to locals like IZEA and NFi Studios, to truly awe inspiring and innovating like the Forty Agency and began to catch a pattern of short text, calls to action and showcasing your brilliance!

Here is how we ended up (hopefully you will be able to see it on Monday)

We wanted to showcase what we do and who we are. What we do is cliche, but we innovate. By using New Media Strategies, and looking into the heart of a business, we listen and engage with tactics that will increase awareness, visibility and controllable noise that will help our clients grow. We are also in the music industry.

We added personality. The 4 core-members of the team will be displayed on the homepage with links to their personal e-mail, twitter accounts and facebook profiles.

We added fun in 4 lines that will tell our stroy:
  1. EI <3 Community
  2. EI <3 Google
  3. EI <3 Music
  4. EI <3 Innovation

Contact page
No contact form! This is something I fought hard for. While they look nice and neat and can be directed to the correct personnel, it takes away personal touch. When I send an email I want to send it to a person, not a form. I want to know that Jim, Jill or Jackson was responsible for reading that email and getting back to me. Putting a name to a project gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling that a real person will get back to you. So every rep for EI will have their personal contact information on this page, from name, title, email and phone to personal likes and dislikes so when you come to the office you will know to bring me a Monster Energy Drink and a free t-shirt!

Services Pages
This was another sore spot for me. I eventually gave in and we went for a corporate feel with a dash of personality (my favorite line is in Social Media Services; Tweeting, Powncing and Plurking - oh my!). In the end it makes sense to present your prospects with something that they can easily digest, understand and take action. I think we got it great.

So what do we do?
For those that have no idea what Endagon Innovations is, well, its no surprise there. Until IZEA Fest weekend we really didn't know either. We knew it was going to mesh my social media consultancy, Rollett Marketing and the entertainment aspects of Endagon Entertainment with the additions of our late night projects.

So, we are considered a New Media Marketing Agency, yet we are really a conversationalist community helping businesses listen and talk online. Sounds simple enough.

Yesterday, October 1st was supposed to be our first official day of business. It was, but it wasn't. I am hoping for Monday the 6th now, prepared for battle of juggling the 9-5, a start-up and a speaking career that stops at Create Chaos on Tuesday, October 14th on Social Media and recruiting.

Enough about me, more on Gen-Y, Social Media and Music Marketing tomorrow!

-Greg Rollett


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