Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brazen Careerist + Creating Magic Contest

Lee Cockerell's Creating MagicIt is one week away from the release of Lee Cockerell's Creating Magic and we are very excited with what we have been doing to create awareness not only about the book but in learning about Gen-Y and their current leadership skills and accomplishments. Through the site, Creating Gen-Y Magic we have had the privileged to interview and hear stories from a multitude of Gen-Y Superstars, not for profit leaders, students and evangelists that are changing the world today.

Here are some of our most popular stories:
Sarah Burris on the Gen-Y Hot Seat
Ryan Healy on the Gen-Y Hot Seat
5 Minutes of Caring with Sam Davidson
The Future Belongs to Jun Loayza

Anyway, the folks over at Brazen Careerist have helped us launch a contest to give some of these book away. From the Brazen post:

To play:

  1. Voluntarily download the 3rd chapter from Creating Magic, “Everyone is Important.” It’s free and a great read!
  2. Write a quick post on why you think everyone is important.
  3. Leave a comment on this post with the link of your post so we know to check it out.
  4. Feel free to link to Lee’s site, the book or Creating Gen-Y Magic, although this is not necessary to win.
  5. Join the conversation with other young professionals in the contest. We are all learning together. So comment away, spread the link love and Tweet away!

The prizes:

  1. 1st Place: A signed copy of Creating Magic and a $25 iTunes Gift Card
  2. 2nd Place: A signed copy of Creating Magic and a $10 iTunes Gift Card
  3. 3rd Place: A signed copy of Creating Magic
So head on over to Brazen Careerist today and help be a part of Creating Magic! You do not need to be a Gen-Y to win, just someone who likes to change lives! The contest ends Friday, October 10th at EOB so hurry up and get to writing!

-Greg Rollett


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