Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why Record Labels Should Not Create Ads

I started another new site, Gen-Y Rock Stars, to promote a few music marketing e-books that I am launching. (Ahem, cheap plug, 1st ebook is coming on Monday and its ahem, free).

Anyway, I am monetizing the site and I was happy that Google is giving me image ads in AdSense vs. their traditional text ads with a mere 3 posts on the site. What I came across this afternoon was an ad for a musician's new single and I know he won't go Google bankrupt anytime soon.

The ad in question is missing at minimum:

  • Name of the artist
  • The name of the single
  • The name of the album
I had no idea who this guy was, staring at me on the Interweb.

Upon clicking the ad, I came to the landing page that was built with Social Media in mind. With a mini site widget from Gydget, a link to a Facebook page, Amazon link and picture slide show, RCA is thinking viral. Only its for an artist that may not be reaching the tech-savvy younger demographic. The singer-songwriter crowd may be better suited for a different type of campaign. I could totally see RCA artist Scary Kids, Scaring Kids utilizing this type of Social Media techniques.

Record Labels and AdWrods Campaigns
To go back to ad creation, I think the record labels understand the importance of visibility, search and the power that Google has to create traffic. I also think they know that they need to assist with building a buzz for their artists. What they need to do is remember that while a "call to action" is extremely important, it is also imperative that web surfers know what they are clicking on.

When launching any ad or AdWords campgin for a musician remember to try and include the following:
  • Artist name
  • Current single
  • Album
  • Release Date
  • Upcoming tours
  • Featured guests
  • Call to action
  • Website, blog or (so last year, but) Myspace page
Hopefully RCA will see their return (or lack thereof) on investment and start creating not just "cool" visual ads, but ads that create band and brand recognition.

Oh and how did I know this way RCA and not Ray LaMontagne himself? It has a little logo on the ad itself and links to and RCA Records landing page.

Better luck next time.

-Greg Rollett


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