Monday, October 27, 2008

Gen-Y Rock Stars + Free eBook

Greg Rollett | The P. Diddy of Social Media | Take That, Take ThatSome of you already know this and some may not so here is my official/unofficial press release for Gen-Y Rock Stars.

What is Gen-Y Rock Stars?
I have officially launched a new site entitled Gen-Y Rock Stars, geared towards helping musicians understand and use Social Media tools to make their music careers better. I am trying to write 2-3 great posts a week and have some amazing topics, friends, interviews and sneak peeks into some great sites for musicians.

The site has a purpose for me as well. I am trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. This site is a for profit site and I am using all of my knowledge in SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing to help pay the car payment. Read about the full disclosure on this post from Gen-Y Rock Stars.

The methods behind the Gen-Y Rock Star is that the modern musician is changing. You no longer need a machine to pump your product out to a bunch of kids with allowance. While I am not totally offing the major labels, I am saying that by creating some kick ass music and working your ass off to meet, chat with , stumble across, digg, vlog, live stream and play for you can create an income that will let you continue playing music instead of beating your head into a desk and kicking your cubicle with your ADD.

The Free eBook
To kick start the promotions for the site, I have released a FREE eBook entitled, 100 Social Media Resources for Musicians. To get it, all you need to do is sign-up to the Gen-Y Rock Stars Mailing List and boom, you get the guide. Simple stuff here folks.

The eBook is filled with sites, blogs, communities, stores and more, ranging from larger than life to niche specific to everything in between. The goal is to open your horizons and see that you can meet a fan anywhere, on ay site at anytime. This doesn't just go for music, but everything and Social Media has been the catalyst.

But what about SkatterBand?
For some that are subscribed to SkatterBand or thought that was my Music Marketing outlet, well, times have changed. The project is moving very slow for my liking and I do have 2 great writers giving some great content that fovus both on music marketing and music reviews/interviews. My writing for the site though will be no more.

Will posts here stop or not be about music?
No and no. The music I write about here will be more personable and focus on advertising and social media aspects that people are doing with their music. That's kinda been the case for a while now. I haven't done many tutorials or site structures in a while, so don't expect anything new or old in that department here.

Just good ol' Gen-Y, Music and Social Media from the P. Diddy of Social Media.

Go sign-up and get your free eBook and spread it to anyone that may learn something from it. It's actually kinda good, minus the lame title.



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